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Travis Joseph: Political Implications of the 2016 Election

April 4, 2016  • 

Forestry is at a crossroads, both professionally and politically. There’s growing interest among policymakers at all levels of government to address issues such as forest health, catastrophic wildfire, climate change, and the plight of forested, rural communities. These issues have also helped elevate public awareness and recognition of the forestry profession.    

Study: Millions of zombie trees occupy Oregon’s national forests

Nov. 18, 2015  • 

Meet the standing dead. Millions upon millions of gray ghosts blackened by fire, ravaged by insects and disease, or dead from lack of water.

Tree Power: Poplars to Fuel Pacific Northwest Bioenergy Industry.

Nov. 24, 2014  • 

A biofuels industry is coming to the Pacific Northwest and it’s making partners out of gridiron rivals. Rick Gustafson is certain that poplar trees will soon power cars, trucks, and even airplanes.

Classroom Resources for Teachers and Forestry Educators

Feb. 17, 2014  • provides educators with easily accessible sources of credible information that aligns with state standards and benchmarks for social science and science. The website was developed by OFRI in response to teacher feedback.