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The grown-ups dropped the ball, but kids saved the day --  Arbor Day.
In 1966, Alaska was the only state in the Union without an official Arbor Day.  A group of Kodiak fourth-graders asked their state senator to do something about it, and he did. Soon Gov. Bill Egan was signing Alaska Arbor Day into law and, in May 1966, he used a golden shovel to plant a ceremonial tree near the Juneau Library.
From the beginning, Arbor Day has been a community celebration with a special emphasis on youth. In 1907, Pres. Theodore Roosevelt addressed his Arbor Day Proclamation to “the school children of the United States.” In 1966, with help from the Forest Service, the Juneau Garden Club potted up a tree for every one of those Kodiak fourth-graders who got things started; the U.S. Coast Guard delivered them.
Monday, May 16, 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Alaska Arbor Day. A broad range of celebratory events are planned for communities around the state.  Watch for announcements, volunteer opportunities and grant RFPs. Plan to plant a tree and, remember  -- Save the Day!


UAF Arbor Day

University of Alaska Fairbanks Arbor Day Celebration

Arbor Day in Alaska!

The Alaska Community Forest Council wants to help you celebrate with small grants to host an Arbor Day celebration.  Grants from $100-500 are solicited to plant a tree for Arbor Day, or do other activities that promote Arbor Day in Alaska highlighting the 50th anniversary. These grants are distributed by the Alaska Community Forest Council with a grant from the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, Community Forestry Program, and funding from the US Forest Service.

To apply for grants see the grant application materials below.

2016 Arbor Day Grant RFP

2016 Arbor Day Grant Application

2016 Arbor Day Grant Report

Helpful materials for your Arbor Day Celebration.

Arbor Day Flyer Template 1

Arbor Day Flyer Template 2

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Shovel Logo

Arbor Day Foundation - for ideas and materials for your celebration

Celebrate Arbor Day:A Guide for Schools by the UAF Cooperative Extension Service

Landscape Plants for Alaska, a website describing trees and shrubs that grow in Alaska