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2017 Spring Tree Seedling Sale


Our annual tree seedling sale will be undergoing some changes for 2017.  Our biggest change is that we are working with two new nurseries to source our tree seedlings and will have both a Spring and Summer distribution of pre-paid seedling orders.  We are also using two separate spring and summer order forms.



2017 Spring Seedling Order Form            2017 Summer Seedling Order Form


For 2017, we will be providing 100% American grown seedlings. We are offering Siberian larch seedlings from a local Palmer, Alaska nursery and have contracted with a Minnesota nursery to grow the remainder of our seedlings:
Eastern Larch
White Spruce
Paper Birch
Scotch Pine
Due to the change in our seedling suppliers there will also be changes in the way our tree seedlings are bundled and shipped and the timing of seedling delivery.  During our Arbor Day (May) seedling distribution we will have only White Spruce and Eastern Larch seedlings available with the remaining species shipped later in the summer to accommodate the growers' sowing schedules. 


We are now taking orders for all seedlings but please remember; only White Spruce and Eastern Larch will be ready for May delivery. The remaining species (Siberian Larch, Paper Birch, Scotch Pine) will be available the latter part of July-early August. Keep in mind that shipping details for the Summer distribution are still being worked out with the suppliers. Be sure to provide a good phone, email address and pickup location selection on your seedling order form.

Seedling availability (Updated 4/8/2017)

Species Seedlings Remaining
scotch pine 2,075
Siberian larch 3,680
eastern larch 250
white spruce 5,035
paper birch 1,720

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