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2016 Montana and Inland Empire Society of American Foresters Annual Leadership Conference

Jan. 7, 2016  • 

All SAF members from Idaho, Washington, and Montana are invited to participate in the 2016 Leadership Conference. This is an excellent opportunity to benefit from your SAF membership by networking with peers and learning new skills. The program will provide a venue to learn more about how policies and new ideas are advanced through the SAF organization. Current and former members of state and national SAF policy committees will be on hand to lead discussions and share their knowledge on the policy-making process.  

The Golden Voice - Change Takes Time

Jan. 6, 2016  • 

One thing we always are reminded of as foresters, especially forest management foresters, is how long it takes for things to happen. We are used to it, but most people are not.  Tell a sixty year old inexperienced landowner that the trees you just planted for him will be ready for a commercial thinning in fifty years and you will get the response, "You mean I won't get any return on this investment until I'm 110 years old?" The time needed to grow a tree crop , especially on a small ownership, is a challenge to getting a property managed.