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Forestry Legend Bill Hagenstein 1915 - 2014

Sept. 10, 2014  • 

Some sad news to share with you today. Bill Hagenstein passed away on September 4th.

Rick Zenn of the World Forestry Center passed along Bill's toast from the National SAF Centennial in 2000. 

Rick says: "I was sitting up in the rafters that night and can still hear his booming voice ----especially the deep 'So, Lord' line." 

Leaving Tracks

Aug. 29, 2014  • 

As foresters every time we take an action on the ground we change the world permanently.  That is, the progression of natural succession is altered when we do something like cut a tree or plant a tree or start a fire and the natural world changes. In other words, we leave tracks. Our tracks can be found all over the world.

An interesting thing to do as years pile up in a career is to go back and follow the tracks you have left.  You may be surprised, or disappointed, at how things have turned out. Then again, you might say, "This is what I knew would happen," and you will recall that was exactly what your beloved silviculture professor said would happen.

Over the years I have gone over some of my tracks, and there are a few that I still would like to find.