Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

House FY 2017 Spending Bill Unveiled

Wildfire Suppression and Prevention: $3.9 billion for USFS and DOI 

-Fully funds the 10-year average of suppression costs

-Increases hazardous fuels management by $30 million  

-Does not implement any of the budgeting changes to allow for access to disaster funds, prevent transfers from other programs, and address the erosion of agency budgets due to the rapidly increasing 10-year average


Specific Programs

Research & Development: $291.98 million

Level funding from FY 2016 

SAF ask: $303 million  


Forest Inventory & Analysis: $77 million 

Up $2 million from FY 2016

SAF ask: $83 million 


Joint Fire Science: $6.9 million

Up $3 million from the President's request 

SAF ask: $6.9 million


BLM Oregon & California Grant Lands: $106.98 million 

Down $6.79 million from FY 2016 

SAF ask: $113.77 million