Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

OSAF Submits Comment Letter on BLM Western Oregon EIS and RMP

OSAF has drafted a comment letter that was sent to the BLM on its final EIS and proposed Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the western Oregon O&C Lands. The letter is not a formal protest in the RMP update process but it emphasizes that many concerns raised by OSAF in its initial comments on the draft EIS (submitted August 2015) persist in the proposed RMP. Thus, the OSAF letter continues to stress the need for and value of active and flexible management to achieve diverse resource objectives, versus fixed land allocations where management is greatly and indefinitely restricted. Similarly, OSAF remains concerned about the overly prescriptive nature of the proposed RMP, whereby forestry professionals are unduly restricted in applying their local expertise and experience to manage unique and diverse landscapes and site conditions. A more specific, related issue is the major restriction on post-disturbance (wildfire, etc.) salvage harvesting in reserve areas, despite the loss of original environmental features and functions and the questionable restoration of such benefits where management continues to be highly limited.  Contact: Paul Adams, OSAF Policy chair,