Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

Sens. Murkowski, Cantwell, Wyden, Crapo, Risch Work to Improve Forest Management and Wildfire Budgeting

Wildfire Disaster Funding 

--Allows access to limited disaster funding when all appropriated suppression funding (100% of the 10-year average) has been exhausted


Wildfire risk reduction projects

--In years when suppression funds are not exhausted, excess funds would be available for a variety of wildfire risk reduction projects


Community planning assistance

--Authorization language to use available funds to assist at-risk communities in planning and preparing for wildfires


Abbreviated environmental analysis

--Allows an action/no-action analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act for forest management activities that are established through a collaborative process or are covered by a Community Wildfire Protection Plan and meet a variety of criteria


Tongass National Forest Plan amendment

--Requires a comprehensive inventory of young growth before any forest plan amendments are finalized

Pilot program for forest types susceptible to megafires

--Authorizes accelerated hazardous fuels reduction projects on ponderosa pine and dry-site, mixed conifer forests by providing alternative arrangements for project approvals


National wildland firefighting credential 

--Requires agencies to work with states to certify firefighting aircraft, personnel, and support equipment in advance of the fire season


Use of unmanned aircraft systems 

--Encourages deployment of available and emerging technologies on wildfires including drones and GPS