Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

July/August 2003

Issue Highlights

  • Developing Approaches to Reduce Wildlife Damange to Forest Resources
  • NWRC: Providing World Leadership in Science-Based Problem Management
  • Wildlife Services Resolving Wildlife Conflicts
  • Bears Prefer Trees in the Spring
  • Mountain Beaver: The Little Rodent with a Large Appetite
  • Is it a Pocket Gopher or a Mole?
  • Managing Ungulates to Protect Trees
  • From Seedlings to Crowns: These Species Cover it All
  • Developing Strategies to Alleviate Wildlife Damage to Forest Resources
  • The Role of Toxicants in Forest Management
  • Fencing Out Big Game Species
  • Repellents are Socially Acceptable Tools
  • Wildlife Damage: An Assessment of Damage Potential
  • Annual Meeting Wrap-ups

July/August 2003 (download pdf)