Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

March/April 2008

Issue Highlights

  • LIDAR: An Emerging Tool for Multiple Resource Measure, Planning, and Monitoring
  • A Model Specification for LIDAR Surveys in the Pacific Northwest
  • Developing a Stand-Level Inventory Using LIDAR
  • The Impact of LIDAR Technology on Transportation System Design: Moving from Coarse Topographic Maps to Detailed Digital Elevation Models
  • Fledgling Student Council Takes Flight
  • OSAF 2008 Annual Meeting: Building the Future with Oregon's Forests
  • Forests in Transition: Washington State SAF Annual Meeting
  • Our Voice: Any Country That is Worth Defending is Worth Preserving
  • High School Students Learn Skills at GRCC
  • Multiple Resource Management is Focus of New Technical Report

March/April 2008 (download pdf)