Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

March/April/May 2013

Issue Highlights

Wildlife in Managed Forests

  • Opportunities and Challenges for Integrating Wildlife and Forest Management Objectives
  • Effects of Black-tailed Deer and Roosevelt Elk Herbivory in Intensively Managed Douglas-fir Plantations
  • Management Strategies to Reduce Mountain Beaver Damage in Northwest Conifer Forests
  • Landowner Incentives and Tolerances for Managing Beaver Impacts in Oregon
  • Tradeoffs Between Intensive Forest Management and Biodiversity
  • Effects of Fuels Reduction on Eastside Elk and Mule Deer
  • Potential for Silviculture to Contribute to Conservation of Spotted Owls
  • Stream Amphibians and Intensive Forestry
  • Green Trees and Snags in PNW Clearcuts: Does Wildlife Care?
  • Can You Have it All? Managing Your Land for Forestry and Wildlife


  • March SAF Council Meeting Highlights
  • Sustainable Forestry Tour for Educators Set for June
  • Oregon 2012 NAIP Imagery Available for Free Download 

March/April/May 2013 (download pdf)