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Western Forester

Welcome to the Western Forester

The Western Forester is an official publication of the Society of American Foresters. It is issued five times a year by the Oregon, Washington State, Inland Empire, and Alaska Societies of American Foresters and is produced by the SAF Northwest Office. The publication promotes a timely exchange of quality resource management information among foresters, resource managers and those in related disciplines. Each issue focuses on a specific theme in addition to including other articles of interest to foresters.

The Western Forester serves approximately 2,500 SAF members of the Oregon, Washington State, Inland Empire, and Alaska Societies. It is also distributed to leaders in professional forestry throughout the United States.

Advertising Rate Information

The Western Forester accepts display advertising. Website advertising is also available, please see rate card.

Download the 2016 Rate Card (pdf)


Themes and Deadlines for 2016

Western Forester 2016 Publication Schedule

Issue Theme Deadline Date Mailed to Members
January/February Fuel Treatments November 16, 2015 January 12, 2016
March/April/May Political Implications for the Election Year February 22 April 19
June/July/August Forest Management in the Face of Drought May 23 July 14
September/October Urban Forestry August 1 September 15
November/December Safety and Security on Forestlands September 26 November 10
January/February 2017 Small Business Sustainability November 21 January 12, 2017