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Oregon SAF Awards Presented at Annual Meeting in Seaside

On April 26, 2012, at the evening banquet of the Oregon Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting in Seaside, Ore., SAF Awards were presented to an outstanding group of well-deserving recipients. Oregon SAF Awards Chair Clark Seely presided over the evening’s ceremonies, assisted by OSAF Chair Norm Michaels. It was an evening to remember as awards were presented in six Oregon SAF award categories, and in three of these categories, multiple recipients were honored. In addition, a number of special “Chair’s” awards were made by Norm for outstanding service to the Oregon SAF. 

   The first Chair Award was presented to former Oregon SAF Chair Mike Cloughesy recognizing his outstanding leadership of the Oregon SAF in 2011. Mike provided excellent leadership for the Oregon Society during these particularly difficult times of tight budgets and membership challenges. The second Chair Award was presented to Robin Tucker for his outstanding leadership of the 2011 Oregon SAF Foundation golf tournament, where fun and fundraising were skillfully combined. In a surprise presentation, the final Chair award of the evening was presented to Clark Seely, OSAF Awards chair, former national SAF Council Representative, and past Oregon SAF Chair, for his 35+ years of service to the Oregon SAF—Clark and his wife left Oregon in June for a “next phase of life” journey to Florida. It is this type of dedication and service of these three Oregon SAF leaders that exemplifies outstanding service to the profession.

   Following the Chair awards, Clark Seely presented the six Oregon SAF awards. The first award category was the OSAF Research Award, this year presented to two worthy recipients, Doug Maguire, Oregon State University College of Forestry researcher and professor, and the 15 members of the “RipStream” study team for their research on watershed and stream conditions in western Oregon’s forests. Accepting the award on behalf of the entire team was Liz Dent of the Oregon Department of Forestry. Doug’s research leadership and the RipStream study are both contributing significantly to the science and practice of forestry in Oregon and for this, the awards are particularly fitting.

   The next award was the Oregon SAF Chapter Achievement Award, this year presented to the Portland Chapter for their “complete package” of chapter leadership and service to members during 2011, including hosting the joint OSAF/WSSAF annual meeting in Portland. Accepting the award on behalf of the entire chapter was Chapter Chair Jeannette Griese.

   The next award category was the OSAF Forestry Appreciation Award, and this year, two worthy recipients received the award. The first award went to Jordan Benner, Public Outreach program manager for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, recognizing his significant and sustained efforts in public communications and awareness. The second award went to Tillamook School District Natural Resources Coordinator Clair Thomas, who has been a true natural resource champion and leader in the classroom and the community to hundreds of children, teachers, and their families in exploring and sharing the forestry story. As allied professionals, Jordan and Clair’s work leave lasting impressions with all those they encounter.

   The next award, the OSU Outstanding Student Award, was presented to OSU College of Forestry senior Mike Shettles for his leadership of the student chapter and his outstanding academic career. Following graduation, Mike will be pursuing a Masters Degree in forestry while working on national forest inventory work.

   The next award category was the Oregon SAF Lifetime Achievement Award. In many respects, this award is the gold standard of recognition because it reflects a body of work that spans multiple generations. This year, we were very fortunate to honor three recipients, who collectively, have 138 years of professional service. The first recipient was John Bell, Marys Peak Chapter, for his exemplary career spanning 65 years and a lifetime contribution to SAF and the profession. The second recipient was from the Portland Chapter, Bob Deal, recognizing his 25-year career in research and again, exemplary contributions to the Society with leadership at the chapter, state, and national levels. The final Lifetime Achievement Award went to Ron Stuntzner, founder and president of Stuntzner Engineering and Forestry, of Coos Bay, Ore., and a member of the Coos Chapter, recognizing Ron’s 48 year career and significant contributions to the forestry profession. What is particularly significant about these three SAF leaders is that they are not yet done—all three continue to contribute to the profession and to SAF, and for that, we are grateful.

   The final OSAF award of the evening, the Oregon SAF Forester of the Year, is the capstone of the annual awards. This year, the award was presented to Mike Cloughesy of the Portland Chapter. Mike is currently the director of Forestry with the Oregon Forest Resources Institute in Portland, and a long-standing leader in the profession and the Society. He has had a stellar career spanning 33 years. Mike’s contributions to the profession, his community, and to SAF are significant and of long duration. He is a gifted teacher, researcher, practitioner, community leader, and engaged SAF leader. His efforts over the years are an inspiration to us all.

   All of this year’s award recipients remind us how fortunate we are to be a part of the forestry profession in Oregon, and they inspire us to continue to grow, serve, and improve in all that we do. In a volunteer organization like SAF, recognition of excellence and the opportunity to say “Thank You” for peer contributions are some of the most important things we do. And it’s what the annual awards effort is all about—taking the time to express appreciation for efforts that have raised the profession to higher levels that benefit all of us and also all those we serve.

Clark W. Seely is Oregon SAF Awards Committee chair. He can be reached at


Photo: Congratulations to Oregon SAF’s award recipients, left to right: Mike Cloughesy, Forester of the Year and Chair’s Award; Norm Michaels, OSAF chair and award presenter; John Bell, Lifetime Achievement Award; Jordan Benner, Forestry Appreciation Award; Ron Stuntzner, Lifetime Achievement Award; Jeannette Griese, Chapter of the Year, Portland; Bob Deal, Lifetime Achievement Award; Doug Maguire, Research Award; Mike Shettles, OSU Outstanding Student Award; Clark Seely, Chair’s Award; and Clair Thomas, Forestry Appreciation Award. Not pictured: Robin Tucker, Chair’s Award.

Photo courtesy of Julie Woodward