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Chapter Communications

A reminder once again, Dan Galecki is the current Central Oregon Chapter Chair. Please direct any questions to Dan, and monitor postings of chapter events on, or check, search for ‘Central Oregon SAF’.

The March meeting featured 'Urban Forestry' as a topic. Katie Lompa from ODF provided an excellent presentation on Trends and Issues in Urban Forestry. Furthermore, several web-page links were provided to obtain more insight and also prompt our members to seek training and more engagement with these issues.

          See this link for full PDF presentation and information at the end.

see also the ODF web-page:

Central Oregon SAF is continued to roll-out  interesting meetings last Spring of 2014 also.
John Saltenberger from the BLM in Portland was our special guest and speaker. The topic is fire weather and climatology. Furthermore, I have asked him to perhaps elaborate more about our unusual mild winter and the effects it may have on our upcoming fire season, and other ecological factors in our local forests.
The room at Carino’s is working well for the last few meetings, one featuring Matt Mattioda, from Miller Timber. Folks were intrigued, and the question-answer portion and other member interaction lasted almost as long as the presentation. Great slide-show, and video, Matt has emphasized that videos can be played on YouTube in case you missed it:
An entire gallery can also be view from the PONSSE site, consider playing the ‘Bear 8 Wheel’, the video features operation on 50 and 60% slopes.
Hopefully everyone can participate in these meetings, and thanks for showing interest and engagement within the tight spring schedule they are being presented in.
Please email or call if you have questions, and let me know how everyone likes our new venue, Carino’s.

New announcement for spring 2015


The annual High School Forestry Skills Contest will be hosted by COCC on May 1 and 2. We will be needing judges to help with the contest. The events will occur on the afternoon/early evening of  Friday May 1 (indoor events) and morning to early afternoon of May 2 (outdoor events. If you are willing to help please contact Ron Boldenow at or 541-383-7754.



Want to earn a bit of coffee money in your retirement? The Forest Technology Program at COCC is in need of an experienced forester to give our equipment a bit of Tender Loving Care. We need someone willing to work independently, part time for a few weeks cleaning, sharpening, oiling, testing and inventorying equipment so that all is accounted for and in good working condition. Hours are very flexible. If you are interested, please contact Ron Boldenow at or 541-383-7754.



Upcoming Events

Thanks everyone, call or email if you have questions or further suggestions for this meeting.
Dan Galecki, Central Oregon Chapter Chair,,


All SAF members and guests are welcome to attend meetings and events. If Central Oregon Chapter Members, or people who wish to be members have questions, comments, or ideas about future meetings and activities.

Meeting Minutes

Lists of past meetings and subject material available upon request

Leadership Directory

Dan Galecki: Chair
Vacant: Vice Chair
Steve Fitzgerald: Past Chair
John Arena: Treasurer
vacant: Newsletter Editor
Stu Otto: Membership
Ron Boldenow: Policy/Education Past Chair
Mick Sears: Education

Chapter Documents


All Presentations from 2011 Forest Restoration Conference, COCC, Bend

Tumalo Creek PDF, from September 2012 Meeting

Prescribed Fire in the Wilderness, from Feb 2013 meeting

Trends and issues in Urban Forestry

  • Photo of Chapter Chair, Dan Galecki [JPG]
  • September Meeting Power Point, Tumalo Creek [pdf]