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We also plan to have unique videos and pictures on this Page in the near future.


All SAF members and guests are welcome to attend meetings and events. If Columbia Gorge Chapter Members, or people who wish to be members have questions, comments, or ideas about future meetings and activities, please contact Doug Thiesies, Chapter Chair at : (541) 387-6888 or email at :


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Executive Board Meeting: TBA
Date: TBA 7 am @ the new BZ Corners ‘Logs’ restaurant
Program: TBA

 Chapter Meeting

TBA @ Charburger in Hood River. We continue to look for ways to increase meeting attendance. If you have input as to what is the best time, place, location or meeting topic please contact me or one of the officers. If you know other foresters or natural resource professionals who don’t attend, by all means invite them!



Next Year

2015 OSAF Conference: TBA


Meeting Minutes

One of our last meetings was in January 2012 in Bingen, WA. Jake French came and gave us a great inspirational talk about maintaining a positive outlook on life despite the Adversity that life can deal us. Jake trained in Forestry at the University of Idaho and was employed at Oregon Dept. of Forestry before ‘life happened’. In an instant, Jake went from a ‘brush monkey’ on top of his game to a paraplegic who was told he would never walk again. His recovery has already exceeded the Doctor’s expectations and now he is writing and speaking on Life and Adversity. All who attended came away with a sense of admiration and humility. In the fall of 2011, the Chapter was able to raise funds thru a charity wood-cut to donate to Jake. The donation was presented after Jake’s presentation. We also donated funds to the Oregon SAF scholarship fund. A vote was taken to re-elect Doug Thiesies as our Chapter Chair, and to verify some ‘At-Large’ Executive Team members. We also discussed a previous vote to co-sponsor the 2013 OR-SAF Leadership Conference with the Blue Mountain chapter. A theme will need to be created. Logisitics and location are yet to be determined. The 2013 Conference will be in the Spring of 2013.


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Chair: Doug Thiesies

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