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Chapter Communications

From the Chair – Noelle Arena

Happy Holidays! This is the most wonderful time of the year! Hopefully everyone has not been too busy plowing snow. This month we decided to move the date for the meeting to the 13th instead of the 20th. We are hoping for a better turnout with the change, and for a good reason!! This month we have DroneSeed presenting. I have had the pleasure of talking with Grant a few times and he is very excited to present. Next month the State Forester, Peter Daugherty, will present a summary of 2016 and a look at 2017. The January meeting will be the third Tuesday of the month, the 17th, as normal. Hope to see everything at the meeting this month on the 13th!

This Month's Featured SAF Forestry WebSite:


Upcoming Events

December  Meeting

Date:             Tuesday December 13, 2016
Location:      Steelhead Brewery
                        199 E. 5th Avenue
                        Eugene, OR
Time:             5:00 PM Exec. Committee Meeting
                        6:00PM Dinner/Social Hour
                        7:00 PM Program
Speaker:       Grant Canary, CEO - DroneSeed

January 2017  Meeting

Date:             Tuesday January 17, 2017
Location:      Steelhead Brewery
                        199 E. 5th Avenue
                        Eugene, OR
Time:             5:00 PM Exec. Committee Meeting
                        6:00PM Dinner/Social Hour
                        7:00 PM Program
Speaker:       Oregon State Forester, Peter Daugherty


Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Notes 

Our November meeting was our annual member appreciation, where we were able to recognize significant anniversaries for continual SAF membership with a certificate from SAF national.
50 Years: 
Richard Bowers 
30 Years: 
Fred Sperry
Steve Cafferata
10 Years: 
Ed Cummings 
5 Years: 
Tracy Beck
Aaron Eklund 
Suzanne Schindler
Casey Hawes
Tiffany Roddy
Eric Sucre
Rob Titcomb
Todd West
We were also able to hand out and/or mail certificates from anniversaries in the prior two years. If you believe you had a member milestone and we missed you, please contact our local membership chair Meghan Tuttle.


Leadership Directory

Emerald Chapter Officers 2015

Chair Elect: Noelle Arena
(o) 541.505.0894
Chair Elect: (open)
Delegate at Large: Bryan Rohl
(o) 541.520.2447
Delegate at Large: Jeff Grogan
Treasurer: Norm Michaels
(h) 541.822.3528
Newsletter Editor: Jeff Grogan
Membership Chair: Meghan Tuttle
(o) 541.517.4172
Policy: Bob Sanders
(o) 541.686.8477
Past Chair: Tiffany Roddy
(o) 541.744.4648
Other: Steve Cafferata
(h) 541.937.3114
Other: Jordan Ryder
(c) 541.870.6392
Programs: Bonny Hammons
(o) 541.822.7205


Chapter Documents








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