Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

South Puget Sound Chapter Outreach at the Murray Museum

The South Puget Sound Chapter of the WSSAF has begun an outreach project explaining forest management at the Murray Museum, the new destination stop of the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in Mineral.  The interpretive demonstration is in the original Bunkhouse 17 of Camp 6 of St. Paul & Tacoma, recently located at Pt. Defiance Park in Tacoma.  Upon entering the bunkhouse, to the right are two bunks and a typical "bedroom" of the loggers.  The center of the bunkhouse has the old wood stove and a mannequin dressed in original forestry clothes of Tom Murray Jr. 

To the left is modern forestry with explanations of how harvesting and management occurs today, using a 1/50th scale of trees being thinned in a skyline setting with 1/50th size equipment and a few animals along the buffered stream.  Opposite has been the "Working Forests, Working Families" display.  Since that display is going to several fairs this summer, the WSSAF "Biomass in Washington" display is now in place, also depicting modern forest management and the beneficial uses of wood.

Members of the Green River Community College Student Chapter assisted Paula and Dick Hopkins in the construction of the thinning display.  How do you make 1/50th scale trees?  Cut the root plug from 15 cc cedar plugs, then apply "MogPog" crafting preservative to the cedar stems.  Drill holes in the foam board display base, insert the dried trees, trim with scissors, and add left-overs under the canopy for the forest floor.