Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

University of Washington SAF Student Symposium Held on November 16th

The University of Washington’s SAF Student Chapter conducted the UWSAF 2014 

Student Symposium in late November on the UW campus.  Six student presentations 

showcased the outstanding quality and diversity of graduate level research at UW’s 

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.


Student presenters included:


Jim Conan (PhD Student) presented results from research he is conducting in Florida 

to map fire hazard at Eglin Air Force Base in northwestern Florida. Mapped fuel types 

are also placed within pathways that reflect how fuels can change under different 

management and natural disturbance regimes.  


Luyi Li (MS Student) conducted the research to understand the impact of site 

characteristics and management on Douglas‐fir plantations with the focus of evaluating 

soil parent material and nitrogen fertilization influences. The study was analyzed with 

paired-tree design in the western Washington, Oregon with Stand Management 

Cooperative at the University of Washington, Center for Intensive Planted-forest at Oregon State University, and US Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Research Station.  The outcomes provide information for wood property model construction and further research in assessing stand conditions on Douglas‐fir plantations. She would be presenting some results in growth parameters and wood property respects. 


Emilio Vilanova (PhD Student) presents the results of a collaboration project that took 

place between 2011 and 2012 with the Forestry Department of the Food and Agriculture 

Organization of the United Nations (FAO), where FAO carried out a review study 

entitled “The silviculture in the Amazon rainforest: current status and recommendations 

for policy and the practice” to gather updated information about the “state of the art” 

regarding the silviculture of natural forests in this region. Emilio presented some results 

for Venezuela´s case.  


Nichole Studevant (MFR Student) presented an overview of a project management 

plan for a 33 acre unit, which is part of a larger ecological thinning project in the Cedar 

River Municipal Watershed. The prescription was linked to the objectives of the larger

project and to the watershed’s Habitat Conservation Plan. The steps needed to 

complete this project included forest inventory, FVS modeling to predict future 

conditions, written documents with maps, field layout, and the development of a Forest 

Practices Application and Notification.  


Abraham Ngu (MFR Student) exhibited the forest stewardship plan for Henry's Ridge--

‐Black Diamond--‐Ravensdale Retreat, 645 acres of forested land owned by King 

County Parks in Black Diamond/Maple Valley. Among alternative treatments, 

recommendations include a variable density thin in Douglas-fir stands as they approach 

maximum biomass accumulation. This plan was the centerpiece of Applied Forest 

Ecology; a 3-credit class offered last Spring (SEFS590E), in partnership with King 

County Parks 


Rachel Roberts’ (MS Student) research looked at the natural resource management 

conflict in the Olympic Experimental State Forest (OESF). The cognitive psychology 

theory of framing views such conflicts to be a result of misalignment between different 

stakeholders’ perception of which issues make up this conflict. In order to address this 

conflict, we construct different groups’ frames of the problem so that they are clearly 

defined and can be compared in order to find common ground and disagreements. 


The event was organized by the UWSAF Chapter Committee Sam Israel, Chair; Hollis 

Crampo, Co--‐Chair; Marisa Bass, Treasurer;  Zach Bass, Secretary; and Colin 

Kirkmire, Regional Student Rep.  Hollis Crampo served as master of ceremonies.


On behalf of those members in attendance from the North Puget, South Puget, and 

Southwest Washington Chapters, we wish to thank the UWSAF Chapter for organizing 

this very informative meeting and serving an excellent student prepared meal.