Society of American Foresters

Northwest Regions

Working Forests for the 21st Century (WSSAF)

The 2014 Working Forests Conference was held on November 12 at Saint Martin's University, Lacey, Washington. Presented by the Washington State Society of American Foresters, the one-day conference focused on balancing social, ecological, and economic products from working forests. 

Speakers examined topics on forest science for the future, climate change adaptation, forest infrastructure and markets, innovations in wood architecture, early successional habitat, carbon sequestration, and examples of managing Tribal, community, and family working forests. In attendance were policy makers, owners of working forests, and those who influence working forests. 

PDF copies of the speakers' presentations are now available for download! Please see the below list of presentations. 

Introduction and Overview of Working Forests                                                                                              - Dr. Elaine Oneil, senior director of Forest and Environmental Policy, Washington Forest Protection Association, Olympia, WA


21st Century Forestry and Forest Science

                     - Dr. Tom DeLuca, director, University of Washington 

                       School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Seattle, WA  


Adaptation of Forest Trees to Climates, Consequences of Climate

Change, and Management Responses to Climate Change

                      - Dr. Brad St. Clair, research geneticist, Corvallis Forestry Sciences                                        Laboratory, Corvallis, OR


Silvicultural Tools to Create Habitat Diversity:

Moist Forest Early Successional Habitat

                      - Dr. Jerry Franklin, professor of Ecosystem Analysis,

                        University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences,                             Seattle, WA


Community Working Forest 

                      - Loren Hiner, city forester, City of Montesano, Montesano, WA


Tribal Working Forest 

                      - Nancy Eldridge, forest manager, Quinault Indian Nation, Taholah, WA


Family Forest Owner Working Forest

                      - Tom Westergreen, Westergreen Family Tree Farms,  Sumas, WA


Carbon Sequestration in Wood

                      - Dr. Peter Goldmark, Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands, Olympia, WA


Large Scale Wood Buildings for the 21st Century: An Alternative to Steel  and Concrete

                     - Joseph Mayo, Mahlum Architects, Seattle, WA



Forestry in a Climate of Change: The Importance of Infrastructure and Markets to

                  Healthy Forests

                     - Larry Mason, research forester, Alternate Dimensions Inc., Seattle, WA


Conference Summary and Questions

                    - Dr. Elaine Oneil, executive director, Washington Farm Forestry Association, 

                     and executive director, Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial