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Chapter: South Puget Sound

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Chapter Overview

South Puget Sound (SPS) Chapter of the Society of American Foresters was formed in the 1950s as the University of Washington Chapter. Since its inception the chapter has grown and subsequently split into three separate chapters and two student chapters.

The SPS Chapter is the largest in Washington state. Its membership is quite diverse with technician and associate members through national and international professionals; family foresters through Ph.D. professors and researchers; undergraduates to Golden members. The chapter can also boast that over 75% of its members use advanced technology in their everyday communications and forestry professional work.

Seven or more chapter meetings are held each year. Meetings typically are dinner/speaker evenings, or luncheons. Members are encouraged to attend and bring guests.

In addition to forestry continuing education through chapter meetings, members perform community service projects such as Habitat for Humanity, mentor students, support the Washington Park Arboretum, and staff an educational exhibit at the Western Washington Fair in Puyallup, Washington.

If you would like information on chapter activities or becoming a member of the SPS chapter, please send a message to () with the subject: "SPS Chapter". Also, visit the national SAF website.

A new SPS group page is available on facebook, just login and search for "South Puget Sound Society of American Foresters" and become a fan.

Upcoming Events

2016 Upcoming Events

Saturday June 4th - Tour of Cedar River Watershed 3-8 PM

Learn about the forest management history and current strategies in the City of Seattle's Cedar River Watershed. Tour recent examples of forest thinning projects that aim to improve habitat development and forest resilience. The tour may include sweeping vistas of the watershed as well as up close examples of remnant old-growth forest patches. 

August 2016 

How Traditional Foresters work with Urban Foresters, Communities, and Homeowners to manage residential trees and urban forests. Somewhere in the Kent area TBD

September 2016

Golden Members Awards and Luncheon, probably at the good ol' Poodle Dog! TBD

December 2016  

A holiday dinner for all! Again, probably in the Kent area. TBD.


The UW College of Forestry Centennial Forest Grove at the Union Bay Natural Area has need for volunteers to finish replanting, mulching, and weed control. Jon Diemer at 425-442-0829 or is there most Saturday mornings. Tools and instructions are provided. This worthwhile project suffered from lack of maintenance and last summer's drought - join Jon and others to get this up and growing again


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